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England for Kansas – Part 1 of 3

Megan’s Story: Why she got involved in politics and why she is currently running for Kansas Senate District 7.

England for Kansas – Part 2 of 3

Kansas Schools: A motivating factor for Megan in running for the Kansas Senate was the educational concerns of her neighbors and community in District 7.

England for Kansas – Part 3 of 3

Testimonials: “Electing Megan England would be the best thing we could do for the future of …all our families in our district.” Megan is proud of the work she did for Roeland Park and the positive changes she made for our community.



90.1 KKFI Community Radio “Every Woman” Show 

30 Minute Senate 7 Coverage featuring Megan England and Barbara Bollier


  • Rep. Bollier states she voted “no” on the 2012 LLC tax exemption vote until, Ebony, the host, reminds her that she skipped it.
  • Megan England is the only candidate that believes government can create jobs.
  • Rep. Bollier continues to avoid publicly separating herself from extremists in her Party.


Shawnee Mission Post Question #1: 

Rolling back income tax cuts enacted by the Legislature

Note: Representative Bollier choose not to answer this question asked by voters, as she choose not to vote on the 2012 LLC tax exemptions, demonstrating her lack of leadership in standing up to Brownback policies that have damaged our state.

(Update: All 3 other “Moderate” Republican House candidates in Senate District 7 also skipped answering the same question in the Shawnee Mission Post the following week.)

Shawnee Mission Post Question #2: 

Should local school districts be limited in how much money they can raise?

Education funding is by far the #1 issue for residents of Senate District 7. “It’s inspiring and empowering to know so many others share such passion for our community. One more reason I love Northeast Johnson County.” -Megan England

Shawnee Mission Post Question #3:

Should Medicaid be expanded in Kansas?

This is an issue very close to home for Megan as she has loved ones who are disabled and are victims of for-profit KanCare, like many of the residents she had met in District 7 and throughout Kansas.

Shawnee Mission Post Question #4:

Should the sales tax on food in Kansas be removed?

“I find it amusing that my opponent, even after 7 years in the legislature, continues to dance between values, speak in generalities and play the “Victim of Brownback” card.” -Megan England

Shawnee Mission Post Question #5:

What should Johnson County get for the money it sends to Topeka?

It is important to understand that legislation is born in committees of which both Democrats and Republicans have seats based on the proportion of Party members elected to the Kansas House & Senate. Appointments to those committees are made by their respective Party’s leadership, and as Governor Brownback will continue to lead the Kansas Republican Party in Topeka for two more years, his agenda  sets the Republican representation on committees. It is vital to increase the number of elected democrats in Kansas to balance the conservative Republican’s agenda that is represented on the most important committees.


The Environment

When Representative Bollier had a chance to stand up for the environment, she went the other way. She voted FOR HCR5014 urging support of the Keystone XL Pipeline. She also voted for increased fees on electric vehicles. That’s not leadership. Megan’s long track record of being an environmental championed earned her the solo endorsement in this race from the Kansas Sierra Club. View the KSC Legislative Scorecard here. (Note: ZERO Republican legislative officials scored a 70% or better.)


 The Kansas Sierra Club Urges a “NO” Vote on the proposed KS Constitutional Amendment about Wildlife.



Johnson County, Kansas NAACP Candidate Forum

…Leaves One Republican Hot Under The Collar

The NAACP asked pointed questions on timely topics such as minimum wage, gun violence, Medicaid expansion, etc. All local candidates were invited and almost all attended, allowing voters to hear both Republicans and Democrat stances on these important issues. The discussions got too heated for one Republican candidate who stormed out.  Senate District 7 Republican Candidate Rep. Bollier choose not to attend.

JoCo Public Policy Council & Shawnee Mission Post Candidate Forum

Bollier, England Spar Over Approach to Addressing Kansas’s Most Pressing Issues at Forum

Although the photo is less than flattering, I’m hoping my passion is evident.

League of Women Voters Johnson County

Below is a copy of  Megan England’s 2 minute speech:

My name is Megan England and I am the Democratic Candidate for Senate District 7- progressive Northeast Johnson County. At the age of 31, after a successful effort to save a green space from development, my neighbors elected me to represent them on the Roeland Park City Council where I served for 8 years. I was one of the youngest to be elected in the City’s history.

Within my first two years in office, the financial floor fell out of the economy and as Chair of Finance, it was my responsibility to begin to pick up the pieces and move the city forward. We engaged the public, made tough decisions and created a long-term budget that is still in place today. This summer we were named the 5th most successful city in the state, 2nd most attractive to millennials in the Metro and property values shot up 11% just this past year. I also championed and passed public art and environmental programs, updates to over 35 years of outdated ordinances, and most notably, the first non-discrimination ordinance for the LGBT community in the state of Kansas in the past 25 years, second only to Lawrence.

I stand before you with the solo endorsement from the Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus and proud supporter of Hillary Clinton as our nation’s first female president. Last week, in the name of women and the girls at Shawnee Mission East, it was important to me to publicly support Hillary and denounce Donald Trump. I am the only candidate in this race to have done so.

Leadership is an activity, not a title or a position. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King: “There comes a time when silence is betrayal. In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Kansas needs bold leadership now, more than ever.

Again, my name is Megan England and I ask for your vote on or before November 8th.



*Note: Rep. Bollier’s Campaign Facebook page rarely includes editorials or public stances on issues. That’s not transparency or accountability. 



My opponent, Barbara Bollier, sent a widespread mailer accusing me of running a “smear campaign” with “bogus” claims. However, she did not refute ANY specific claims I have made – because she cannot. It is all true.

Elections are a time to hold lawmakers accountable for their performance. As a legislator and a highly regarded community member, she certainly deserves respect, but not a free pass from criticism or accountability. I don’t blame her for being defensive of her record being under a bright spotlight as it simply does not reflect what she has portrayed to her constituents over the past seven years.

About the mailer:

  • I take offense to her suggestion that she’s the “serious” candidate because she has a medical degree and children.

FACT – I am proud of my career in the arts and non-profit sector and would never equate a person’s integrity to their diploma. For someone who claims to be an advocate of women choosing their own paths in life, Rep. Bollier’s use of motherhood as a credential is cruel and condescending. Backhanded attacks on a woman’s career and family life are something my campaign has never and will never engage in.

  • As soon as Rep. Bollier felt personally attacked, she went to great lengths (and expense) to defend herself against my claims.

FACT – When others are publicly attacked by leaders within her own Party (the disabled, minorities, victims of sexual assault, veterans, the list goes on…) she remains silent; unwilling to rise to their defense, placing her Party above the people she swore to represent.

As your Senator, I promise to stand for YOU and be YOUR strong voice in Topeka when you feel marginalized by OUR government.

  • Rep. Bollier’s mailer claims I am backed by a “political machine” working to “mislead voters”.

FACT – Only one candidate in this race has the support of Governor Brownback and the Establishment, and it isn’t me. Whereas Rep. Bollier has a campaign bank account filled with money from Republican dominated PACs, lobbyists and special interests, the vast majority of my campaign contributions are modest amounts from personal supporters and voters like you – not corporate sponsors. Rep. Bollier’s accusations are indicative of the Republican Establishment she chooses to operate within, not mine.

FACT – My “machine” consists simply of me and my dedicated volunteers. I am grateful for their many hours of hard work and dedication towards change in Kansas. To diminish our grass roots efforts and our integrity is insulting.

This is MY voice. When you see me post here or on my website, you know exactly where I stand and how I would represent YOU. In contrast, my opponent speaks in generalities, avoids strong stances, and prefers to sit safely on the sidelines – right where her Party wants her to be.

  • Rep. Bollier’s mailer further suggests she votes with our district “100% of the time”.

FACT – This has not been her documented legislative history. For example, environmental protections are incredibly important to the people of Senate District 7, yet she supported the Keystone XL Pipeline and voted against clean energy. The people of our district also value a strong, independent judiciary. But, she voted to approve Brownback’s power grab over the courts.

Please see and this Facebook page for details and documentation of ALL statements made throughout this campaign – none of which have ever specifically been refuted by my opponent.

FACT – Liberals and Moderates I hear from feel her 88% voting record with Governor Brownback over the last 7 years does not represent them. Conservatives I hear from say she doesn’t respect their views. Clearly, her representation of our district leaves out a great many people.

  • Rep. Bollier accuses me of having “wrong” motives in this election.

FACT My initial motivation for entering this race was my family. Alexis, my cousin, was born with cerebral palsy and like all other Kansans with disabilities is at the end of a 7-8 year waiting list for services from our State. During her time in office, Rep. Bollier has never taken steps to reduce that wait or the overturn the predatory “Profit-Over-People” system called KanCare that has been forced upon our most vulnerable Kansans.

Along this campaign trail, I have met many other neighbors in our district that have been misrepresented and ignored. This has fueled my motivations for winning this election and creating change in Kansas. If Rep. Bollier believes those motives are wrong, I’m interested to know what motives she believes are right.

Furthermore, I have enough self-respect to know that my family, friends and YOU deserve more out of our elected officials than Rep. Bollier has delivered during her time in office. It isn’t enough to “support” or “oppose” hypothetical legislation or “hope” things become different. True leadership means actively creating, proposing, and advancing positive change. In her seven years in the legislature, Rep. Bollier has taken no formal initiative to improve our schools, the lives of the disabled, our tax structure, our environment, our criminal justice system, or the power of our local governments. WE DESERVE MORE.

Thank you for your support in seeking the truth in this campaign.

I ask for your vote on or before Nov. 8th.

Let’s change Kansas together.

YOUR Representative SUPPORTED The KeyStone XL Pipeline in Kansas

We’ve had a lot of talk about moderation. But there is no middle road on protecting the environment. My opponent urged the adoption of Keystone XL pipeline. I’ve been horrified as I watch the protests in North Dakota and elsewhere, people fighting to protect their land and environment. Being a state senator isn’t just about being a “moderate” on schools, it is about being a leader on issues that will shape our world. That’s why I’m especially proud of my endorsement from the Sierra Club, who recognize that my Republican opponent’s 50% record (fail) on environmental issues isn’t good enough. #WeDeserveMore #OurKidsDeserveMore#TheirKidsDeserveMore

Northeast Johnson County race features two well-known candidates – KC STAR

My opponent, Representative Bollier, has voted with Brownback 88% of the time over the past 7 years which is contrary to the “resistance” to Party leadership she claims to use in Topeka. It may not be 100% like many of her peers, but it is still good enough for Gov. Brownback to come to our community to support her re-election. WE DESERVE MORE. Her decision to skip the 2012 LLC tax exemption vote, record of ZERO accomplishments (or initiatives) in the legislature, and refusal to publicly denounce Donald Trump…or any other extremist in her Party are also attractive to Brownback. For details: . It isn’t enough to “support” or “oppose” hypothetical legislation or “hope” things become different. True leadership means actively creating, proposing, and advancing positive change.
As your Democratic State Senator, I will speak loudly and boldly for you. I have a long track record of taking on government dysfunction, building coalitions across Party lines and creating substantial change for our community. For details:
Results matter. If you really want change in Kansas, it’s time for actions, not just words. I ask for your vote on or before Tuesday, November 8th.

R Park & Barktober Fest 2016

Along The Campaign Trail: I’ve been going through photos of proud moments in this campaign that I wanted to share with all of you.

About 10 years ago, my husband Matt and I joined efforts with other members of the community to help stop the Roeland Park City Council from developing the former Roeland Park Elementary School into patio homes and instead, use the land to create a new, signature city park. We organized petition drives, spoke at public meetings, reached out to neighbors and energized the community. Subsequently, those efforts led to my election to the Roeland Park City Council in 2007. It wasn’t easy or quick, but after 5 years of effort that green space was formally dedicated as a City Park and protected by law from development. Soon after, it was named “R” Park through a public naming contest as an ode to not only its location but to the greater community it serves. There are still lots of improvements to be made but thanks to the ongoing efforts of countless neighbors and friends, new memories will be created and a greater sense of community built for generations to come. Early this October I joined in on the fun at Barktober Fest and soaked in the magnitude of our accomplishment. I got to kiss one baby and a whole lot of dogs while campaigning that day. Oh- and hang out with awesome neighbors and super cool police officers too.

HOMO The Documentary

Along The Campaign Trail: I’ve been going through photos of proud moments in this campaign that I wanted to share with all of you.

This was a special night where HOMO The Documentary (a film including our successful efforts in Roeland Park to outlaw discrimination towards the LGBT community) premiered to the public. Thank you to Equality Kansas of Metro Kansas City the ACLU, MainStream Coalition and supporters from the community in helping us with those efforts.


My oppenent, Rep. Bollier, sent a widespread mailer claiming my motives for this race are “wrong”. Under the Profit-Over-People KanCare, Kansans with disabilities are on a 7-8 year waiting list for services that our tax dollars should be providing. It is unethical and inhumane. Alexis, my cousin and one of my best friends, is but one personal motivation for me in this race. If those motives are wrong, I’m curious as to the motives she believes are right.

Colorado Pot Isn’t Affecting Kansas Like You Think

This didn’t come up enough in the campaign so I’m bringing it up now. Benefits of adding marijuana to our tax rolls: help overcome racial disparity, alleviate overcrowded courts & jails, allow for medical use, alleviate revenue shortfalls, eliminate state-wide enforcement issues, create jobs, reduce the number of Kansans leaving for Colorado, increase the number moving into Kansas, reduce amount of drugs imported from Mexico. The vast majority of all Kansans support Colorado’s lead on this issue. The time has come for us to follow. (Update): I want to clarify that having learned more about the criminal justice system (a new passion), racial disparity is a HUGE problem that could be alleviated by taking a few important steps – one being decriminalization of marijuana. No, I don’t think only minorities smoke pot, but the facts say they get punished for it a whole lot more than white people. That’s a problem for me and one that I feel should receive top billing as a reason to decriminalize marijuana.

For anyone who still puts stock in the endorsements of Yael Abouhalkah, the Kansas City Star or Mainstream Coalition, etc. – WAKE UP!

#ProJesusConservativeProLifeProGunIsNOTModerate  #DontDrinkTheKoolaid   #MoreAboutWhoWeKnowThanWhatWeBelieve   #OldTiredBrokenEstablishment
#ThinkForYourself   #WolvesDressedAsSheep  #BeBoldVoteBlue  #BeyondBrownback

Republican Kansas Lawmaker Slams Black Lives Matter Movement on Social Media

Kansans, this is the face of your Republican Party. Last week promoting Hitler, this week insulting black people. Stay tuned for more!…we know there will be.

Where Do You Stand?

Political Parties are groups of people united by issues or “platforms”, which define their core values and priorities. There are key differences between the Kansas Democrat Platform and Kansas Republican Platform. Many Republican candidates in JoCo, including my opponent, are asking voters to conveniently ignore their party — and party platform — with which they choose to affiliate and campaign with. Given the dramatic failures of the Kansas Republican Party, that’s not surprising. Choices reflect judgment and character. Where do you stand?

My Motives

I’m so proud of my cousin, Alexis, for earning the Graduate of the Year Award from the Goodwill Industries of Kansas, Inc. My opponent, on her website, accuses me of having “wrong” motives for this race. Clearly she’s never met Alexis.

The Number of Kansans Not Voting Would Fill Kauffman Stadium Over 18 Times

Our problem isn’t voter fraud, it’s voter apathy.
# of eligible Kansas voters likely to skip voting this November: 700,000. # of eligible non-voters outnumbering # of voters in 2014: 69,000. # of names on the “Kansas Voter Suppression List” as of July 2016: 26,228. Average Voter Turnout in JoCo (2004-2014) does NOT exceed 68% or even rank us within the top 10 counties in the state.

#FriendsDontLetFriendsNotVote #ItTakesAVillage #BeyondBrownback

Kansas House leader calls Hitler’s words ‘profound’ in Facebook post

“I was told that expecting elected officials to publicly denounce members of their own Party makes me “Partisan”. My opponent, Rep. Bollier, states her vote for Republican leadership next session is a reason to elect her – just as she and her peers in the House elected Rep. Peggy Mast. Recently, Rep. Mast encouraged others to listen to HITLER and take from his “profound” words. She later clarified that HITLER is the same as Planned Parenthood.

Leadership is an activity, not a title or a position. It is NOT “Partisan” to expect even hopeful Representatives to publicly exhibit their willingness to put “People (and values) Before Party” – even during election season. Despite my very public challenge for Rep. Bollier to publicly denounce Donald Trump, she remains silent. I’m guessing she has nothing to say about Rep. Mast either. Rep. Bollier’s silence does not reflect the bold leadership she SAYS she uses against the GOP in Topeka, but speaks volumes nonetheless. So does her voting record of 88% with Governor Brownback and his GOP. For details go to:” #FoolMeOnce #FoolMeTwice #ItsTimeForTrueLeadersNotMoreSheep

-Megan England

Don’t expect big changes in Sen. Susan Wagle’s ‘better’ Kansas

“My moderates say, ‘Susan, I’m a Republican, I’m working within the Republican Party, I’m going to help you solve problems.’ We’re going to be a Republican team.”

-Sen. Susan Wagle (Kansas Senate President)

#FoolMeOnce  #FoolMeTwice #ItsTimeForBalance  #ItsTimeForChangeBeBoldVoteBlue #BeyondBrownback

Stick with Trump, Brownback Tells Wichita Republicans

“Brownback also came to Senate District 7 and told his supporters to vote for ‘everybody with an ‘R’ behind the name’ including the moderate Republicans on the ballot. My “Moderate” Republican opponent has yet to publicly denounce Trump, despite my Facebook challenge seen by over 8,000 people. At this point, when even Glen Beck has denounced Trump, it stops being a bold statement. That’s not leadership and it exhibits the same destructive “Party before People” values that are killing our state. No wonder Brownback wants her to win. We deserve more.” -Megan England

Tape Reveals Donald Trump Bragging About Groping Women

“Like millions of women in America, I’ve been put in uncomfortable situations by men in my life. Donald Trump’s comments condone the sexual assault of women because he is a man in power with money. Our community has been rocked by incidents in our schools where young women were confined and sexually harassed. My opponent, a Republican, has yet to publicly denounce Donald Trump. Today, as the recipient of the solo endorsement from the Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus, I stand strongly and proudly in support of Democrat Hillary Clinton as our next president because as sisters, daughters and mothers, we deserve more.” -Megan England

KanCare System’s Record Worthy of Continued Scrutiny

“Kansas lawmakers must be held accountable for allowing this to happen on their watch. The elderly and disabled are people, not widgets and checked boxes to be preyed upon for profit. How long will we have to hear it’s all Brownback’s fault? We need bold champions of change, not victims of circumstance. If they aren’t part of the solution, they are part of the problem.” -Megan England

Need Disability Help In Kansas? Thousands Wait An Average Of Seven Years

“My cousin, Alexis, has cerebral palsy. Matt and I have signed papers to care for her one day. Her parents are overwhelmed with the process and the inhumanely long wait under KanCare that they gave up even trying to participate. Although my opponent Dr. Bollier says she has a proposal in hand to expand Medicaid in Kansas, in forum after forum in this campaign, despite the pleas from disabled people before her, she has yet to say publicly that she would first repeal the for-profit administrative arm known as KanCare. There is no accountability or transparency in this “Profit over Patient” model which is precisely the reason for the 7-8 year waits and why no more of our money should be poured into it until the for-profit aspect is removed. As someone raised and still living in Mission Hills, I don’t expect that Rep. Bollier or her family will personally endure the cruel and brutal repercussions of KanCare. But as someone wanting to represent us, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for her to make our problems her problems too.” -Megan England

Pro-Business Think Tank Not Impressed with Kansas Tax Cuts

“Even “business” needs an advocate with Brownback and the Republican SuperMajoriy. It’s time for balance. It’s time for change.” -Megan England

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