Smart-Budget-Tips-for-Seattle-Apartment-Dwellers-300x250The State of Kansas has no money to waste. As a former local elected official who helped navigate her city to financial stability through the Great Recession, Megan knows how to responsibly and respectfully manage tax payer dollars, both short and long term. She knows a budget must be fair to everyone today while also preparing for a better tomorrow. All hardworking Kansans deserve to earn a living, afford high-quality health care, get a great education for their children, and retire with security. That means returning to a sensible, balanced, and sustainable revenue policy that also regards public health and safety. Megan will work to overturn the 2012 income tax cuts, restore funding to infrastructure, and lower sales taxes especially on food (one of the highest tax on food in the nation), which hurt our local Johnson County economy and our most vulnerable neighbors.


Each and every child in our community deserves the opportunity to grow up to live a successful life. Our educators deserve to be treated with respect, to be compensated fairly, and retain their due process. Our families, communities and a local economies depend on the state fulfilling its Constitutional obligation to provide excellent public schools for Kansas students. Megan will work for long-term funding for our students and teachers, and not claim victory in short-term solutions that fail to move our schools or community forward. Megan will work to reduce class sizes, reduce college tuition and support vocational programs.


voteThe financial strength of Kansas depends on the financial strength of Johnson County’s local governments. Megan recognizes the ten unique municipalities within Senate District 7 and the varying challenges each faces. As a former City Council member within Johnson County, she understands first-hand the importance of local leadership’s ability to respond to the needs of citizens and react to unforeseen circumstances such as the Great Recession. Megan opposes the heavy, dysfunctional hand of State government to infringe upon Home Rule. Stripping authority from local law makers  is a “big government” burden that is not good policy.  Megan will work to overturn recent restrictions on local property taxes, safety and code enforcement and local elections.



This issue hits home for me. Kansans with disabilities face an 8 year waiting list for services. Rather than fix the problem, state Republicans put “Party before People” to protest Obamacare. But it’s Kansans who are paying the price- literally. In the last two years, we have rejected over 1.4 billion of our own federal dollars meant for Medicaid expansion. Instead, they replaced it with KanCare – a private, predatory, for-profit “experiment”. We taxpayers pay for that too. KanCare extorts our most vulnerable, destroys small business, proliferates poverty, and has pushed hospitals to close. There is no oversight, no transparency, and no accountability to the public. In fact, the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) financially benefit each time a service for an individual is reduced. KanCare’s profits in four years have reached into the hundreds of millions. How can we fix it? Just like every other failed “experiment” our leadership has enacted since 2010, we overturn KanCare and go back to the State run system that ran so smoothly before it was dismantled. Yes, we need to expand Medicaid; but we cannot allow it to be held hostage by for-profit providers.


Megan believes in a fair, open and impartial judiciary, one that serves as a co-equal  branch of government with the executive and legislative branches. She supports merit-selection of judges and justices, and does not believe that partisan politics have any place in our courtrooms. Megan appreciates that the courts, for a lack of legislative leadership, have worked to preserve constitutional funding for our Johnson County schools.


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Megan is the only endorsed candidate in this race.

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time. Kansas ranks 2nd in the nation for wind energy potential and has more sunshine than Germany, the world’s largest solar producer. Unfortunately, our current elected officials are failing us. Instead of leading the way to a new, green Kansas economy, our elected leaders (including my opponent) removed environmental regulations on corporations, abolished the state’s advocate for increased wind transmission lines, passed a resolution to support the Keystone XL Pipeline, and raised taxes on electric vehicles- the highest concentration of which are here in Senate District 7. As former local elected official, I have a long record of leadership and results and as an environmental champion.  As your State Senator, I will continue to take bold action to ensure a clean and stable environment for future generations. 




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