Why does Gov. Brownback Want Barbara Bollier to Win?

“get behind everybody with an ‘R’ behind the name. 

If you don’t vote for our candidate, it’s a vote for the other team.”

– Gov. Brownback while campaigning for Republican candidates in Senate District 7

*Look for hyperlinks. Scroll down for key votes and detailed legislative record.

1) Representative Bollier votes with Governor Brownback and his Conservative GOP 88% of the time. Since Governor Brownback took office in 2011, of the 1634 bills he signed into law, Representative Bollier voted “YES” to 1437 of them. 2011-2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Brownback appreciates the support. 

2) Rep. Bollier’s preferred leadership style is sitting safely on the sidelines. In her seven years in Topeka, Representative Bollier has never proposed or formally joined others in sponsoring legislation in the areas this district cares most about. It’s not enough to “support” or “oppose” hypothetical legislation or wait for others to create legislation to be voted on. That’s the type of leadership that Brownback counts on. 


Brownback-Tiny2                                         Bollier_Head_shot-16
Republican                                       Bollier Elephant



Bollier Elephant Republican

Allowed Gov. Brownback’s 2012 Tax “Experiment”

(Pg. 2522) S Sub for HB 2117 – 5/16/12 

Note: Rep. Bollier cast several other votes that same day.

On 10/22, Rep. Bollier stated live on the radio that she

voted “no” but the host quickly corrected her.




Voted YES to Raid $8M from KPERS Retirement &

Pension Funds to Continue Brownback’s “Experiment”

H Sub SB 4 – 2/3/15


Education Funding

Bollier Elephant Republican

Voted YES to Continue Unconstitutionally Low Funding

for Public Schools S Sub for HB 2655 – 3/24/16

Rep. Bollier served on the Education Budget Committee

this past session, yet no long-term solutions were formed.

Red stroke Red stroke


Environmental Policy

Bollier Elephant Republican

Voted YES to Remove Mandates on Renewable

Energy Requirements H Sub for SB91 – 5/14/15

Voted YES to Urge Presidential Approval

of Keystone XL Pipeline HCR5014 – 3/26/13

Voted YES to KOCH Sponsored Bill

Attacking Clean Energy SB318 – 3/24/16

Voted YES to Increase Taxes on Electric

and PHEV Vehicles HB2451 – 4/3/14


Court System 

Bollier Elephant Republican

Voted YES to Governor’s Power Grab Over the Courts

 HB 2005 – 6/1/15  (It was later deemed unconstitutional

and overturned by the KS Supreme Court.)

Barbs screenshot


(Since Taking Office in 2010)

Complete List of Proposed or Sponsored Bills Pertaining to: 

  • Education or Education Funding – NONE

  • Medicaid Expansion/KanCare – NONE

  • Tax Policy – NONE

  • Fair Courts – NONE

  • Environment – NONE

  • Criminal Justice – NONE

  • Social Justice – NONE

  • Transparency – NONE

  • Local Control – NONE

Complete List of Proposed Bills Signed Into Law:

  • HR 6071 (2011) Recognizing Public Health Week
  • HR 6071 (2014) Recognizing Public Health Week

Complete List of Proposed Bills (that died in committee):

  • HB 2586 (2016) Expanding Access to Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive Services

Complete List of Sponsored Bills Signed Into Law:

  • HR 6054 (2016) Congratulating the Kansas City Royals
  • HR 6028 (2015) Congratulating Andy Tompkins
  • HR 6014 (2013) Congratulating KU Graduating Class
  • HR 6031 (2011) Congratulating the WSU Shockers
  • HR 6032 (2011) Congratulating Boxing Champion Victor Ortiz
  • HR 6039 (2016) Honoring Andrea Burton
  • HR 6042 (2016) Honoring Korean War Vets
  • HR 6014 (2011) Honoring Former Rep. Dick Wellman
  • HR 6010 (2016) Honoring Former Rep. Forrest Swall
  • HR 6019 (2011) Honoring Former Rep. Howard Sell
  • HR 6005 (2011) Honoring Former Rep. Dan Rezac
  • HR 6030 (2011) Honoring Rep. Terry Mclachlan
  • HCR 5025 (2014) Commending Persons With Disabilities
  • HR 6020 (2015) Commending Ministers, Pastors, Priests…
  • HCR 5051 (2013) Commending David G. Booth
  • HR 6051 (2014) Celebrating KU Anniversary
  • HR 6024 (2015) Celebrating Eisenhower’s Birthday
  • HR 6031 (2013) Celebrating Kansas’s Relationship with Armenia
  • HR 6040 (2016) Designating Kansas Cancer Awareness Month
  • HB 2614 (2012) Designating Stretch of Highway After Bryan J Nichols
  • HR 6067 (2014) Designating Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day
  • HR 6030 (2013) Designating Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day
  • HR 6041 (2014) Recognizing Veterans Service Organizations
  • HR 6022 (2011) Recognizing Military Children

Complete List of Sponsored Bills (that died in committee):

  • HB 2580 (2016) Repealing Prohibitions and Restrictions on Insurance Coverage for Abortion Services
  • HB 2581 (2016) Repealing Requirement that Abortifacients be Administered in the Presence of the Prescribing Physician


Elections are important.

Find Megan England’s Record Here

The current outlook of our State is bleak – hospitals are closing, schools are declining, our roads are crumbling. Now is the time to hold our elected leaders accountable for their performance and decide whether they are part of the solution or part of the problem.

It isn’t enough to “support” or “oppose” hypothetical legislation or “hope” things become different. True leadership means actively creating, proposing, and advancing positive change for those we represent. Representative Bollier prefers the safety of the sidelines, taking credit away from, or placing blame on those actually doing the work. Her voting record follows right along Party lines and the direction of Governor Brownback.

That lack of leadership is unacceptable. It isn’t helping me, my family or my fellow Kansans. It does not reflect the Progressive values of Northeast Johnson County (Senate District 7), nor the direction we want our State to move. We deserve more. We deserve champions who are willing to take bold stances for us and risk public failure for the possibility of change.

As your Democratic State Senator, I will speak loudly and boldly for you. I have a long track record of taking on government dysfunction, building coalitions and creating substantial change. I spent eight years on the Roeland Park City Council successfully crafting legislation, finding common ground between party lines, and moving our community forward. Today, Roeland Park is the 5th Most Successful City in the Kansas, #2 Most Attractive to Millennials in the KC Metro, and property values rose 11% in one year.


I don’t expect the job to be easy, but I’m up for the challenge. My loved ones serve as daily motivators and reminders that there are thousands of others just like them, counting on me too.

It’s been 40 years since Johnson County sent a Democrat to the Kansas Senate.  If you really want change in Kansas, it’s time for actions; not just words.

Results matter. Your voice matters.

I ask for your vote on or before Tuesday, November 8th.

Let’s make history and change Kansas together.


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