Megan England is a dynamic community leader with a proven track record of initiating positive change in Johnson County. She has built a solid reputation as someone who actively takes on government dysfunction and gets things done. Megan is an outspoken advocate for progressive values and common-sense leadership.

First elected in 2007, she served two consecutive terms on the Roeland Park City Council. With nearly a decade in local office, Megan championed significant reforms including:

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  • Implementing responsible financial forecasting to stabilize the city’s post-recession economy and plan strategically for future growth;
  • Sponsoring and championing to passage a non-discrimination ordinance which provides fair treatment to all, including the LGBT community; and
  • Preserving park space from development while instituting environmentally sustainable purchasing policies.

Results matter. Megan England is the only candidate in the Kansas Senate District 7 race with a proven history of actively proposing and advancing change in Johnson County. As your next State Senator, Megan will continue to focus on what matters and continue to promote:

  • Responsible Taxes and Spending
  • Vibrant Public Schools
  • Respect for Your Local Vote

As a resident of Kansas Senate District 7 you deserve a Senator who is committed to promoting your ideals; not someone who is the hand-picked replacement of a Brownback Loyalist.

You deserve a Senator who speaks out against the single party domination and failed policies of the far right; not someone who will continue to be minimized and silenced by their own Party.

You deserve a Senator who has the energy, ability and track record for creating positive change; not someone who has spent years serving in Topeka with no results to show for it.

“Kansas continues to decline because of the majority’s severe mismanagement of our resources. That is not the type of leadership we need or deserve. We must redefine our measure of success. No challenge was ever overcome by playing defense alone. It is time we restore balance to the Legislature and begin to make forward progress. It is time we take an active stand and fight for our future!”

– Megan England